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Why choose a professional bathing plant manufacturer

Writer:Admin   Time:17/06/08

     Why choose a professional bathing plant manufacturer,the most important reason is that the quality of concrete batching plant can be guaranteed. Now many customers prefer to spend some money to buy high quality concrete mixing plant is not willing to just seek cheap to choose the quality of the general concrete mixing plant, this is because the concrete batching plant in any accessories problems, on the one hand it will affect the work efficiency , On the other hand to buy accessories is a big problem, only to buy the original manufacturers of accessories to better ensure the normal work of the concrete mixing plant, which in turn increased the consumption of funds, so customers tend to choose.

    Why professional batching plant manufacturer can assurance the Quality ,let us to see together.
    First,corporate headquarters and the first factory’s quality control need to have unified arrangement together .Quality inspector must change workshop to inspection every two months,in order to avoid quality inspector long-term stay in the same plant,so that appears not strict product testing phenomenon.
    Second,quality inspectors’ quality inspection lists must be signed by two or more people to enter into force, and finally to the whole inspection.
    The third,is to strengthen the self-test in every workshops,The workshop must rectify and reform the found problems promptly,and not imposition of economic sanctions.but QC inspection problems were pointed out, it must be corrected immediately and punished according to the provisions of the economy.
    Fourth, is to strengthen the mutual quality inspection of the upper and lower procedures. the next process using qualified parts by the former testing, to be re-inspect by QC staff, if found any quality problems, the used workshop shall be borne of economic sanctions.