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What is the production process of commercial concrete mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:17/06/12

     The production process of commercial concrete mixing plant:

    1. The batching plant operator from the control room to enter the mixing operation of the concrete mix ratio and other operating parameters, the IPC to the ingredients controller to send the ingredients of the ingredients and ingredients instructions.

    2. By the respective ingredients controller to send the signal to open the aggregate, sand shop door, start the sand chamber vibrator, the aggregate, sand into the weighing bucket weighing; open the cement warehouse, fly ash storage and powder admixture warehouse Of the screw feeder, open the water, water agent admixture distribution valve, for cement, fly ash, powder admixture and water, water agent admixture.
    3. Divide the coarse and fine said weighing process in two stages, controlled by the ingredients, achieve 90% when slow feeding weighing the ingredients.After weighing, the batching controller sends a signal to close sand storehouse vibrator, aggregate sand bin door, shut down or stop the cement warehouse, warehouse, powder admixture of fly ash warehouse spiral feeding machine and water and water-based additive distribution valve.To aggregate and stone by industrial computer signals open for metrology doumen, put sand aggregate material to belt conveyor starting, inclined belt motor, transportation of sand aggregate material into the hopper.
    4. Batch is completed, the batch controller sends the signal to the industrial computer, the industrial computer sends the instruction to the switch quantity output module, sends the signal to the middle relay drive cylinder to open the metering bucket, the hopper door, and the material into the concrete mixer.
    5. Concrete mixer based on as the stirring time is set in advance, after the completion of the industrial PC sends commands to the switch output module, open the unloading door discharge.
    It is clear from the work process of the commercial concrete mixing plant that the batch plant is composed of a storage system, a batching system, a conveying system, a stirring system, a discharging system and a control system.