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The connection between different models of concrete batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:17/05/24

     The engineering concrete batching plant models including HZS60/HZS75/HZS90;commercial concrete mixing plant models including:HZS90/HZS120/HZS180/HZS240;Small concrete batching plant models includong:HZS25/HZS35/HZS50 also called simple concrete batching plant.

    The same point: All types of concrete mixing plant batching equipment are used PLD series of concrete batching machine, because this type of concrete batching machine is the most suitable for the system of forced concrete mixer, and forced concrete mixer is necessary for batching plant equipment.

    The difference among different models concrete batching plants:
    1, configuration features are different. Small concrete batching plant has two different configurations, one is simple type of concrete batching plant with centralized control system configuration, the other is the use of automatic control system standard concrete mixing plant configuration; large concrete mixing plant are Standard automatic concrete mixing plant equipment with automatic control system.
    2, stirring the host model and the number is different. Small and large concrete mixing plant mixing host are generally used JS series double horizontal axis forced mixer, but JS is the mainstream. Size of the concrete mixing plant in the use of concrete mixing console when the main model is only different mixing.
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