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How to judge the quality of batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:17/05/22

     Now the use of concrete mixing plant in the construction is already a common sense, but most users just understand how to use the concrete mixing plant,but know litte about quality of batching plant,How to judge the quality of batching plant?

    1, the transmission system operation to be flexible, no abnormal noise;

    2, supporting the installation of the line should be reasonable, the batching plant equipment should be installed correctly

    3, if the concrete mixer from the fall-type mixing tube that its discharge ring radial runout does not exceed 1% of the diameter of the feed port, but also check the concrete mixer on the vibrating screen sieve steel quality and sieve and sieve Reasonable size and check the installation accuracy of the screen;
    4, the quality of the cement tank qualified;
    5, belt conveyor, bucket elevator and cantilever pulling scraper transmission to smooth operation to be flexible, brake can be high, there is no abnormal noise, no card chain;
    6, the safety valve can not appear leak phenomenon;
    7, the measurement system is also very important to check, to check the measurement system sensitivity and accuracy;
    8, to reduce the machine to raise the temperature should also pay attention to, to achieve the temperature of qualified books;
    9, measuring the bucket into the material to be smooth, there is no accumulation of materials, such as material.