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What is the biggest feature of mobile batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:17/06/06

     The biggest feature of mobile batching plant is easy to disassemble, easy to move. Mobile concrete batching plants all the action process, mode of operation, maintenance and basically fixed with the automatic stationary concrete batching plant is exactly the same, it is the biggest feature is easy to disassemble, easy to move, in the transition, in addition to screw conveyor, cement warehouse , The entire mobile batching plant can be dragged down the front movement.

    The components of the mobile batching plant are as follows:

    1. mixing host: mobile batching plant generally use JS-type forced concrete mixer, to improve the mixing speed of concrete and mixing quality.

    2. aggregate ingredients metering system: located in the back of the station, the upper part of the aggregate storage hopper, aggregate measurement using a variety of materials accumulated measurement.

    3. Belt Conveyor Rack: The rack is a truss structure that connects the host chassis and the aggregate dosing frame, with a belt stand.

    4. control room: the control room in the bottom of the host chassis, built-in concrete batching plant automatic control system, control system and stationary concrete batching plant the same.
    5. host chassis: was cantilevered stirring host chassis, the chassis contains a trailer truck traction pin, parking legs; installed on the chassis mixer, cement and water admixture of the measurement said; surrounded by patrol station, railings and so on.
    6 Peripheral components: for the cement warehouse and screw conveyor, no dismantling can be the overall transport, disassembly.