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The preparation before concrete mixer trial run

Writer:Admin   Time:17/06/16

     Check whether the concrete mixer lubricating oil (grease) of each reduction box and lubricating part is sufficient and fine.

    Check the voltage: the rated voltage should be 380V, the error should be ±10%.

    Check whether the wiring of the concrete mixer motor and electric components is firm and reliable. The outer casing of distribution box should be earthed reliably, and the earthing resistance should be less than or equal to 4Ω, the zero line must be connected on the wiring board N of distribution box. All the wire should be arranged properly to avoid accident during working.

    Check whether the concrete mixer attachment bolts of each part are firm, especially the moving parts, screw them up immediately if they are loose. Check whether the engagement of exposed gear is correct.

    Check whether the concrete mixer steel wire ropes are arranged on the winding drum tidily, twine them again if they are loose.

    Check whether there is foreign matter in the concrete mixer mixing drum, hopper and track frame.

    Check whether the banking pin of the concrete mixer hopper is inserted in the pin hole.