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How to built a small concrete batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:17/05/31

     How to built a small concrete batching plant?

    The establishment of a small concrete batching plant still requires strict procedures.

    First of all, in the construction of a small concrete batching plant first by the Trade and Industry Bureau, Planning Bureau and other parts of the project, registration, site selection, and then according to the qualification level reported to the county construction bureau review, City Construction Bureau approved after the approval also need a business license, The production of goods as the same level of production conditions and inspection practices and appropriate technical documents and process documents.

    Second, there must be a sound and useful quality management guidelines and standards of responsibility, the production of goods necessary to meet the relevant national norms, industry norms and to ensure human health and personal and industrial safety requirements, to stop the construction of backward technology, high energy consumption, pollution Environment, waste of resources.