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Concrete mixer transport truck with 8cbm 9cbm 10cbm 12cbm

Writer:Admin   Time:17/04/26

     What is concrete mixer transport truck with 8cbm 9cbm 10cbm 12cbm ?

    1 Imported original chassis, which is light and saves oil;
    2 Large thread pitch mixing drum, realizing feeding/discharging at the idle speed, saving oil and power;
    3 Imported hydraulic elements with original packaging, split hydraulic system, reliable and trustworthy;
    4 Pneumatic water supply, large capacity pressure water tank, three-way water supply, point-to-point flushing, up and down free, convenient and clean water tube;
    5 The vehicle's classy, bold and unconstrained design won the iF Award, the highest accolade for product industrial design;
    6 Inside the cab, multi drop mechanical feeding and discharging control system at left and right side of front and rear ground is reliable and rapid;
    7 Softening operation handle, wheel cover is sprayed with anti-stone-bumping coating, integral ladder is more humanized and more safe;
    8 High strength, fine grain steel mixing drum and blade, with great anti-friction performance;
    9 Options: Car carries freezer, Car carries VCD and MP4, Vehicle Anti-block Brake System ABS, vehicle anti-side Anti-Rolling System ARS, fully synchronizer transmission, pull clutch, radial tyre, vehicle travelling data recorder, Global Positioning System GPS, wire control and remote control, mixing drum hydraulic pressure driving system with constant speed and automatic diagnose function.
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