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Concrete batching plant device with JS750 concrete mixer

Writer:Admin   Time:17/05/26

     Concrete batching plant device with JS750 concrete mixer have simple structure, good mixing quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, easy operation, can be used with the boom pump, concrete mixer truck supporting the use of the construction site and large and medium-sized concrete products factory ideal equipment.

    Concrete batching plant device with
    JS750 concrete mixer is composed of ingredients, mixing, electrical control and other parts of the composition of the automatic mixing of concrete equipment. It is suitable for medium-sized construction sites, prefabricated parts and commercial concrete mixing plant. The concrete batching plant is a fully automatic concrete mixing device composed of the batching device, the aggregate conveying device, the powder conveying device, the water supply additive system, the metering system, the stirring system, the electric control system and the air control system. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, excellent performance, reliable operation, convenient operation and accurate measurement. It is suitable for the production of large-scale concrete such as road, airport, port, hydropower and other large-scale engineering and prefabricated components and commercial concrete. It is widely used in various projects construction.