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How to realize the safe production of construction cement batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:17/05/25

     How to realize the safe production of construction cement batching plant
    According to the basic characteristics of construction cement batching plant and the use of requirements to operate, you can achieve the safety of construction cement batching plant production, let us know about it from the specific details of the operation.

    1, maintenance workers or operators keeping regular inspection
    2, maintenance of batch plants concrete equipment, reported to the project department approved, reasonable arrangements for staff and specific time, operating room staff in place to confirm the maintenance site, and cut off the power before they can start work.3, when the maintenance needs to test run, the operator to confirm that the personnel have left the operating area before the power operation. But still need to ring before the operation of the alarm. By the field maintenance personnel to be approved when the test can be allowed to test.4, when batch plants concrete began to clean up the work, must be approved by the operator agreed to cut off the power to ensure the safety of the Qing work. In the cleaning process, the operating room staff must stick to the post, in close cooperation. When the concrete mixing station to be unloading the door movement, you must carefully check the cleaners have been in a safe position when the quasi-power, operation and operation.