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How does the mobile batching plant work

Writer:Admin   Time:17/06/02

     The mobile batching plant equipment combine with concrete mixer, batching system, metering system, cement warehouse, screw conveyor and other mixing plant equipment together, installed in the transport chassis, the use of trailer to the construction site, the scene quickly installed, no need to debug put into construction.

    The mobile concrete mixer plant is a concrete mixing device tailored for our customers who need frequent transitions or mobile construction. The equipment is flexible and requires only one front to carry the transshipment.

    So how does the mobile concrete batching plant work? What is the working flow of the mobile concrete mixer plant?

    1, when applying electric control system in a blender, enter the man-machine dialogue interface, system begin including formula number, concrete grade, slump, the initialization processing such as production volume.

    2, according to the weight of each mixing tank, measurement testing, the output signal to prompt the empty or material with the operator whether or not the startup control program and the sand and stone belt motor feed to the weighing hopper;

    3, open the fly ash, cement tank butterfly valve, start the screw motor to send fly ash, cement to the metering bucket; open the water tank and the additive tank control valve so that water and admixture into the metering bucket; metering meet the set request and then open the measurement bucket door, so that ingredients into the concrete mixer truck for mixing;

    4, in the set time to open the mixer door to the concrete into the mixing of the mixer.

    The mobile batching plant work process video in construction site -YouTube