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Help you choose the right concrete mixing plant quickly

Writer:Admin   Time:17/05/15

    Choose a concrete mixing plant is a little skill, you know?Help you choose the right concrete mixing plant quickly .

    Select the specifications of the concrete mixing plant according to the construction of concrete task and its duration; with two parameters to choose how much of the batch plant. If the coefficient is K, the specifications of the mixing station X = M / T * H * K, where K is 0.7-0.9, the total number of concrete is M; the number of days of concrete pouring is T; In the selection also consider the transport of finished concrete. Such as: direct pumping or vehicle delivery. The volume of the delivery vehicle is also an important basis for determining the type of batch plant.

    On the other hand,you can choose a forced concrete mixer, because of its good quality mixing, overload capacity, discharge without separation, production efficiency is also high, can adapt to a variety of performance of concrete mixing, the current construction sites are mostly forced concrete mixing equipment. Civil concrete mixer can choose from the fall concrete mixer, suitable for general construction sites, roads, bridges, hydropower and other projects and small and medium concrete components plant.