What Should You Do When Concrete Mixer Can Not Working ?

admin,Thursday, February 25, 2016

 Sometimes concrete mixer not start or open, most industrial-scale concrete mixer are powered by small 5-10 hp 2-stroke engine similar or Karting mower engine. Followed by the passage of time, the most common problem of engine development and use of these types of oil pollution magnetic spark plug has stopped operations.

If you want to judge a modular concrete mixing plant foul spark plugs culprit is a giant evil, using (general) slot and a ratchet deleting existing between the electrode and the base of the spark plug and the plug body to verify a certain distance. If not, replace the plug. If the spark plug is no problem, No. 2 Phillips screwdriver pierce the spark plug launch until its internal electrodes touch. Grasp the handle of the screwdriver, the screwdriver is very close, but not touching, the metal pieces of the engine and pull the power cord or scroll keys.
If you do not see sparks, then bad magnetic or needs replacement. If both cases, you will demand purchase a maintenance manual, the specific step by step instructions for specific mixer trucks rights engines, troubleshooting and replacing magnetic.

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