what Concrete Boom Pump Construction To Pay Attention To?

admin,Thursday, February 18, 2016

 Concrete boom pump truck application more and more, it has to do with today's real estate developers develop and is closely related to engineering construction.But when pump truck operation often have some trouble also brings a lot of trouble to them.Here here for you to provide some common security considerations, hope useful for everyone.

When the boom pump construction safety precautions:
1, during pumping cloth, forbid to move tubing joints and concrete pipe joint.After the first stop to release pressure and ability to deal with the problem.
2, deal with concrete pipe joints, the head must not be too close.Beware of pressure will be concrete.Tubing leaking, do not use hand to wall, in the past have high pressure oil penetrate hand experience and lessons.
3, concrete mixer with pump shall not use hand to hold when fabric cloth hose.If need a small amount of shift only affects with ropes.
4, people can not stand under the boom pump arm cloth, should always beware of the boom caused by unexpected factors fall.

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