The Screw Conveyor Of HZS120 Concrete Batching Plant Sale

admin,Wednesday, March 30, 2016

 In general, One HZS120 concrete batching plant sale demand equipped with 4 sets of screw conveyer, the spiral conveyer type for LSY250.

1. The transport equipment should be installed on a level concrete foundation with anchor bolts.
2. The device should pay attention to the main body straight and level.
3. After viewing the mobile batching plant various parts of the apparatus of loose bolts and host the doors are tight, if requested to tighten.
4. Press the power plant equipment and power line control switch.
5. Check the end, empty load test, test normal can be produced.
Not just construction cement batching plant , various types of complete mixing plant equipment in the spiral conveyer are essential.Spiral conveyer is rotating spiral blade to carry material goes on for the spiral conveyer, material not with blades of screw conveyer rotating component force is the material itself and the spiral conveyer casing friction resistance of the material.

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