The Concrete Mixer From Product To Service

admin,Tuesday, January 26, 2016

 Speaking of service, in face, it should be the inherent attribute for the hydraulic concrete mixer that the professional requirements of the industry is relatively high, to run through the entire using process after buying the product of the users. However, in the course of the crazy expansion of the industry development, in short supply market situation, the service has been ignored by the majority of enterprises.

Today, the industry's competition is intense, the products of the first line enterprises no longer have the advantages, the mixer cement importance of service will gradually highlight. Most enterprises in this industry have realized that in addition to the core products, quality service also is essential market factors of winning.
After several years of rapid development, China's machinery market has surpassed North America, Japan and Western Europe, and became the largest construction machinery market in the world. In the process, on the one hand, the giants overseas enter the Chinese market one after another, on the other hand, the domestic machinery enterprises grow up quickly. Over the past year, the concrete mixer industry has stepped out of a good and bad developing road, while the market demand continues to fall, the development goals in enterprises continue to increase, two-phase collision led to the result that is the competition of industry unprecedentedly intensified. The competition between enterprises gradually expanded from the initial product level to other fields, so we find more and more enterprises start to pay more attention to the service.

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