The Choice Of Batch Plant Mixing Console Is Very Important

admin,Friday, March 18, 2016

 Is a mobile mixed concrete machine , concrete mixer mixing function of mainstay, so for mixing station, the choice of the mixing console is very important.

We know HZS series of concrete mixing station is currently mixing console used are compulsory concrete mixer, concrete mixer there are three main choices namely, the amount and duration requirements according to project selection, category selection according to the design of concrete, concrete composition according to the characteristics and consistency, select.
1, according to the quantity and time limit for a project request choose concrete quantity big and long construction period, appropriate chooses medium or large stationary concrete mixer or mixing station.Such as concrete volume small, short time limit, appropriate chooses small and medium-sized mobile concrete mixing station .
2, according to the concrete characteristic and the consistency of choice As consistency of mixing concrete and aggregate size is big, appropriate chooses a larger since the fall of the mixer.Such as mixing consistency big and big concrete aggregate size, appropriate chooses mixing drum speed faster since the fall of the mixer.Such as large and aggregate size consistency hours, appropriate chooses forced mixer or medium and small capacity of conical reverse discharging mixer.
3, according to the type of concrete mixing concrete design choices for the semi-plastic or plastic-type, should use self-loading mixer. Such as high intensity batch plant , dry hard or lightweight concrete, should use compulsory mixer.

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