Purchase Of Concrete Batching Plant Time Is Different In Different Areas

admin,Tuesday, January 26, 2016

 The regional differences of the user of the mini concrete batching plant will lead to the different purchase time of the users. Why do you say that?

If the customers is Heilongjiang or other Northeast region, the northeast area is the region with highest latitude in China, the geographical location determines that it goes into winter earlier and winter is very cold, summer is hot, so the construction period is shorter, therefore, the customers will start to work in May or June, and the longest duration can reach half a year. Conversely, the construction period of south region is relatively long, generally about eight months. Of course, the area is not the only factor that decides the construction period of concrete mixing plant, but it is very important factor.
The user's area of portable concrete mixing plant determines the purchase period, so we should make a rough deduction according to the user's local area in the sales process, thus effectively grasp the live business opportunities.
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