How To Be A Qualified Trailer Concrete Pump Operator ?

admin,Thursday, March 10, 2016

 Trailer concrete pump products is not only a job, and is one of the professional skills.Nature conditions precedent What kind of person can be a potential pumping work?In the future work in the industry, to become a successful pumping, and demand is what kind of temperament?

First, it is necessary that he is an excellent worker of the company.In addition, understand mechanical equipment (arm posture pump truck), during which include mechanical system, electrical system, hydraulic system and the other a variety of skills.Today's commercial concrete arm posture pump truck is leading and clutter.A large arm posture concrete pump truck for sale , are equipped with three control board - specifications board, short distance remote control and radio remote control board.All of these control equipment has greatly increased the arm posture the function of the pump truck, however, about the pump is a new battle.
(1) Goods placed concrete pump truck boom started, PTO and outrigger operation;
(2) the commodity boom started concrete pump truck boom control and other operations;
(3) the commodity boom started concrete pump electrical, hydraulic and other simple illnesses are diagnosed and disposal;
(4) laying commodity boom started portable concrete pump price transport pipelines;
(5) Protecting the commodity boom started concrete pump truck.

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