Concrete Batching Plants Material Use Problems That May Occur

admin,Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Concrete batching plants mixing warehouse and raw materials quality fluctuation is improper management of concrete mixing station will happen often, so place of raw materials to classify, specialist special acceptance, ensure the quality.

Concrete mixing station material using common problems and preventive treatment
1, the mixing warehouse
Including powdered mixer trucks materials mixing when blow in silo, a mixture of sand and stone, mixing of different varieties of sandstone, etc.
The prevention methods:
Silo logo must be clear and correct, and in each blowing mouth with the special sign identification, and each blowing mouth will lock, when powder material by national lock emptying receiving personnel.Different varieties of raw materials must be classified and breakout to pile up.
2, raw material quality fluctuates
When the same happened with the quality of the mobile batching plant raw materials than larger fluctuations, will have control of the concrete have an adverse results, especially all of the cement, fly ash, admixtures when changes will directly affect the quality of concrete and technical indicators .

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